The local community of Zelenika - Kuti

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Зеленичке тихе вале

На станици наших снова
старо друштво из младости
још се сјећа свих возова
пјесме, шале и радости

Пјевали су пјесму с мора
пјесму која љубав носи
чекали су вапор с двора
и трчали ривом боси

Још и данас клапа пјева
јесење су стигле кише
нова младост санак снијева
а возова нема више

Зеленичке тихе вале
буди пјесма са обале

текст: Душан Сеферовић

History of Zelenika and Kuti

Zelenika is one of the youngest settlements in the Bay of Kotor. It originated as a hamlet of much older Kuti. It consists of valleys and slopes of the coastal hills of Lalovina and Zmijica, behind to the foot of Trojica, as well as Zelenika, and the villages of Sasovici, Kuti, and Presjeka.

Holy Lities in Kuti and Zelenika

---By O.N.--- The Easter Lity (also Litiya, procession) through Kuti takes place on the second day of Easter, on Easter Monday, and is the most populous procession in Herceg Novi. According to tradition, every year after the service at the Holy Trinity church, the...

Beaches in Zelenika

---By O.N.--- Lalovina Beach Lalovina Beach is the first beach next to Meljine. It got its name from the hill located between Zelenika and Meljine. It is characterized by its wild beauty, which perhaps makes it the most beautiful beach in Zelenika. It is isolated from...

Priest Savo Nakicenović

---By O.N.--- Father Savo Nakicenovic, an ortodox priest, ethnologist and geographer, was born in Kuti on January 25, 1882. Both his father and mother came from old priestly families. The Nakicenovics came to Kuti from Ljubomir near Trebinje, and there from Serbia....

Hotel Plaža – Zelenika – the first hotel in The Bay of Kotor

---By O.N.--- Antal Magyar, a Hungarian cavalry officer, converted his family villa in Zelenika into a guesthouse in late 1902. Inspired by the name of the place, he named the guesthouse "Pansion na zelenoj plaži" (Pansion am grünen Strande). With Magyar's efforts and...

Railway in Zelenika

---By O.N.--- The construction of the railway line from Gabela to Hum, Uskoplje and Zelenika began in 1898, while the preparation of the terrain for the railway started a year earlier. The length of the railway line was 155.5 kilometers. Today, few people know that...

Josif Tropović

---By O.N.--- Josif Mršić Tropović, a Savina monastery monk and the parish priest of Topla, was born in Presjeka in 1775. His family - the Mršićs - had moved there from Risan. His mother, Tereza, was either from Venice or lived in the Venetian Republic. As a boy,...

Culture and sport

Sports and cultural associations in Zelenika and Kuti have a long-standing tradition, some of which date back centuries or decades. Learn more about the folklore group Ilija Kišić, the Bokelji Ensemble, the Orjen Football Club, the Galeb Water Polo Club, and the Kyokushinkai Karate Club.
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Kuti is an ancient village above Zelenika from which all surrounding settlements and Zelenika itself stem from. It is known for its cultural and historical heritage, above all for the large number of churches and church remains, which the Kuti residents have always taken particular care of. Find out more about each of these holy places, and if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit them.

Local community Zelenika – Kuti

Member of the local community:

Ilija Kovačević (President of the council), Nenad Foršpreher (vice president), Jasna Maslan, Migo Dakić, Mirela Perušković, Jovan Mićunović, Nenad Vujačić, Zoran Kilibarda, Marija Šerović-Pavlović.


Twin communities of the Local Community Zelenika-Kuti are the Local Communities Klupci from Loznica and Guča from Lučani.